SAT / ACT Prep

The Masters Prep has provided the most effective SAT / ACT Prep program, through which our students have built/consolidated strong foundation knowledge, critical reasoning skills, flexible and adaptive thinking skills,  and confidence to achieve their desired test scores. Our SAT / ACT prep courses are based on real SAT problems (Collegeboard's) and ACT problems and each class is composed of a full-length test, test reviews, concept reviews, and strategies.  


In order to participate in our SAT Prep course, you must achieve at least 1200 in a simulated SAT practice test or in a real SAT. For ACT Prep course, you must achieve at least 28 in a simulated ACT practice test or in a real ACT test.

SAT Prep course schedule for Spring 2021

SAT Prep

  • Schedule: Saturdays  1~4:30 pm (lesson hours)

  • Total 16 sessions

  • First class: Feb 6

For each simulation test, we provide the test results with detailed analysis with sub scores.

The Masters Prep  since 2004

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