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SAT / ACT Prep


The Masters Prep has provided the most effective SAT / ACT Prep program, through which our students have built/consolidated strong foundation knowledge, critical reasoning skills, flexible and adaptive thinking skills,  and confidence to achieve their desired test scores. Our SAT / ACT prep courses are based on real SAT problems (Collegeboard's) and ACT problems and each class is composed of a full-length test, test reviews, concept reviews, and strategies.  For each simulation test, students get a very useful, detailed score report that helps identify the areas that need improvement by topic, context, problem type, skill set, etc. 



In order to participate in our SAT Prep course, you must achieve at least 1200 in a simulated SAT practice test or in a real SAT. For ACT Prep course, you must achieve at least 28 in a simulated ACT practice test or in a real ACT test.

SAT Prep course schedule for Autumn/Spring, and Summer

  • Schedule: Saturdays  1~4:30 pm (lesson hours) 

  • Total 15 sessions

  • 15 Digitalized Real Simulation SAT tests included

For each simulation test, we provide the test results with detailed analysis with sub scores by topic and category. 

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