The SSAT and ISEE are the two main tests that private middle and high schools use to evaluate applicants' academic aptitude and skills. Both the tests consist of four sections: essay, verbal reasoning, mathematics, and reading comprehension. We have accumulated teaching know-hows and have developed study materials to help students ace these tests and gain acceptance to competitive schools. 

SSAT/ISEE Prep Course Schedule for Summer 2019

Start Date: July 2 Thu, 2020
Thursdays and Fridays 

Time : 10:30~12:30  Verbal, Reading Comprehension, and essay 

*We do not provide the SSAT mathematics classes because we believe that the SSAT mathematics sections are so elementary that students can study for the math sections by themselves. However, the SSAT math sections may be provided on a 1:1 tutoring basis.


Some students may want to prepare for both private high school entrance exams (SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, etc.) and  the BCA (Bergen County Academies) / BCTS (Bergen Tech, Teterboro) entrance exam. If you take our BCA / BT entrance exam prep course, you will be also prepared well enough for the mathematics sections of the private high school entrance exams. However, the English sections of SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT contain the sections that must be prepared intensively apart from the BCA / BT entrance exam prep. Even the essay section of the private high school entrance exams is fundamentally different from the BCA / BT essay exam. Therefore, it does NOT make sense to run or participate in a DUAL prep program for the private high school admissions and the Bergen County Academies admissions. We provide both prep courses separately, but not as a dual prep program. 

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