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Bergen County Academies Test Prep

The Bergen County Academ​ies (BCA, BCTS) Prep
"The Best BCA Prep Program in Bergen County"


The Masters Prep's BCA Prep program is a one of a kind program catered to competitive students who wish to attend the magnet school. Our BCA prep program is selective and requires the applicant to take a diagnostic test and to submit her/his 6th and 7th grade report cards along with PARCC results for evaluation.

The Bergen County Academies (BCA or BA) is a public magnet high school located in Hackensack, New Jersey. As a public school, BA accepts students from across the county at no cost to the student (the costs are covered by the student's home district). The school is divided into seven specialized college-preparatory programs, each called an "academy." BCA was recognized in 2009 by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best high schools in the United States. According to statistics from Newsweek (2011), BCA students scored an average of 2100 on the old SAT, the second highest average among US high schools; overall, Newsweek ranked BA 23rd in the nation and 2nd in the state. In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek cites BA as New Jersey's best high school (the BCA/BCTS profile to be updated).

Our BCA prep course starts in the summer and runs through the end of December. During the summer, we provide lessons on fundamental, challenging math topics that have been tested on previous BCA Entrance Exams and help our students enhance their problem solving and application skills. For the essay portion of the exam, we focus on developing students' critical reading and thinking skills, logical reasoning skills, and effective writing skills.

In the Autumn (from September to December), our BCA prep program offers not only math and essay writing lessons but also weekly simulation tests, application essay reviews, and admission interview training. The Maters Prep's BCA Prep Autumn Program is described below in more detail.  

Masters Prep's BCA Prep Program for Autumn Program at a glance

Period: 1st week of September ~ early December (12 weeks)


  • Twelve 1.5-hour lessons

  • Twelve BCT/BT Entrance Exam Simulation-Tests

  • Weekly Extra-help for mathematics is available. 

  • Complimentary Math Final Review sessions right before the entrance exam.

  • Our methodology: Knowing the inner workings of numbers, number operations, and other fundamental mathematical concepts is crucial to success in the Bergen County Academies Math Entrance exam. We teach mathematical reasoning behind the mathematical operations students do every day without asking why and how it works. We also introduce various mathematical techniques and useful theorems that can be applied to solving complicated problems. Beyond the BCA prep, what you learn from this course will remain in your memory and provides a strong foundation on which you can build advanced mathematical concepts in the following years.

Essay Writing:

  • Twelve 1.5-hour lessons

  • Twelve BCT/BT Entrance Exam Simulation-Tests

  • Our methodology: Going beyond grammar, sentence structure, styles and organization improvement, we also teach how to reason properly, how to avoid common fallacies that weaken your arguments and conclusions, and how to analyze the given texts, how various writing devices are employed, and how to communicate your ideas effectively through various writing techniques. Our students explore more than 10 types of pieces, analyzing them and writing on a given essay prompt.

Application Essays:

  • We evaluate our students' application essays, provide critiques and revision recommendations, and proofread the final draft at no additional cost. We emphasize the importance of the genuine idea coming from the students, not from their parents or from any other source such as professional editors or the internet. Therefore, we do not write for them but have our students rewrite their essays until they become satisfactory.  


Bergen Academies Admissions Interview:

  • For those who passed the first phase, we provide two interview training sessions: an orientation session (group session) and an individualized mock interview session (1:1).

  • The BCA admissions interviews are conducted on an individual basis. Some academies conducted group interviews in the past, but in recent years group interviews are rare. Each student will meet two to three interviewers, mostly two, and each interview lasts three to fifteen minutes. The interview questions vary depending on the applicant, the interviewer, and the academy. The AVPA (art, music, theatre) applicants also have a brief interview after the audition or the portfolio review. Our mock interview training sessions are indispensable to your successful admission interview. Sometimes students who did not study at Masters Prep want to get our interview training. If seats are available after we assign the training sessions to our students, we might be able to offer a very limited number of spots.

  • For the questions that are likely to be asked during the BCA (Bergen County Academies) admission interview, we will provide the list during the training sessions.

Masters Prep's BCA Prep Jump Start Program (Summer)
 BCA Prep Jumpstart course is challenging, eye-opening, and rewarding."

Period: 16 sessions for the Spring-term, and 15 sessions for the Summer-term

Schedule: Spring Tue/Thu 5-6:30 or Sat 9-12    Summer: Mon/Wed 9-12 or Tue/Thu 9-12

(Space is limited and fill up quickly.)

Subjects: Essay & Mathematics
For more information, please fill out the form below and plan to visit Masters Prep. 
We will give you a presentation about how we prepare our students for the BCA entrance exam and the admissions. It takes about 1.5 hours.

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